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Hydrogen refueling workshop again successful

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As early as 8:00 on December 4, after receiving the commencement of the Company's instructions, all the cadres and workers of the hydrogenation plant immediately took the initiative to set up a cycle, draw gas, test crew, and adjust the blind to start the installation process as quickly as possible . 18:35 the same day, the reaction furnace ignition, the reaction system began to heat up. 13:38 on the 6th, fractionation furnace ignition start. At 10:30 on the 11th, fractional distillation of all products to improve storage and transportation tank farm product tank. This marks the successful shutdown of the hydrogenation unit that has shut down for nearly six months. In order to ensure the success of steaming again, the workshop first complemented and optimized the construction plan in light of the experience and shortcomings of the earlier construction, making it more scientific and more practical. Second, in order to make the device ready to start conditions, the workshop in advance of the key parts of the device were airtight inspection, all the control instruments were checked, the pump lubrication maintenance and trial shipment. Workshop also arranged by technology, equipment, double duty and team scheduling of scientific personnel, to start with sufficient technical force configuration. These measures effectively ensure the smooth operation of the device started.