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Address: No. 18, Refinery Road, Linzi District, Zibo City, Shandong Province, China

Zip code:255400


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Shandong Blue Sky Lubricants Co., Ltd.

Shandong Blue Sky Lubricant Co., Ltd. Shandong Qisheng Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary, was established in October 1994. Company to high-quality lubricant base oil as raw materials, supplemented by quality additives at home and abroad, the production of "Qirun" brand HTF, turbine oil, transformer oil, mechanical oil, automotive lubricants and other products. Annual production capacity up to 30,000 tons / year.

Companies adhere to the "quality of the internal and external tree image, solidarity, business executives," the work principle of the word, and constantly promote the standardization of enterprise management and standardization. In 2007, the four products won the "Standard International Product Marking Certificate" issued by the State Standardization Administration Commission. At present, the company has passed the "three in one" management system certification, corporate standardization and good behavior AAA level certification, measurement management system certification, safety standardization two certification, cleaner production certification.

Companies adhere to the scientific concept of development, strive to create a new corporate culture, and actively create a harmonious enterprise. Company location - Linzi District, Zibo City, Shandong Province, is a historical and rich cultural heritage with a long history and culture, is the Spring and Autumn Period Warring States Qi and the birthplace of world football. The territory of "Qi State Historical Museum", "Old Car Museum", "Ginger Ancestral Hall", "Guan Zhong Tomb" and other famous historical sites. Near the first cave in the north - Boshan Qiao Ling cave before, the former residence of Zichuan Pu Songling famous area, is your ideal place for sightseeing.

The company will be in keeping with the times, the principle of continuous innovation to open up the future. Company employees sincerely welcome all friends from all walks of life to the company to discuss cooperation and seek common development.